Dr. David Yoder, D.C.


Dr. David Yoder discovered throughout his education he wanted to be a Doctor to help those in need. Dr. Yoder began a pre-medical course of study. He was granted a full ride scholarship by the N.I.H. at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan to pursue a special M.D.-PhD program. Going through this program Dr. Yoder soon realized that his analytical brain was being stimulated but his heart was not into it. He needed to find a different philosophy that incorporated natural healing principals.

On a summer break Dr. Yoder interned with a chiropractor who mentored Dr. Yoder on how the mind-body connection was really through the human nervous system. As he became a patient to learn this first hand he soon noticed how much healthier his own body became. But what was more important was the concept that the body can heal itself and that western medicine was really designed for crises care and not “health care”. With that in mind Dr. Yoder began to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Upon graduating from Life West Chiropractic College in the San Francisco bay area he moved to San Diego with his family.

Dr. Yoder invites you to begin your journey back to health with David Yoder Wellness Center. At our wellness center, we will help you by balancing your nerve system with gentle adjustments, energy balancing (B.E.S.T.), proper nutrition and diet recommendations.

Services We Offer

Chiropractic Adjustments

Tailored treatment as well as nutritional programs play a crucial part in preventing recurrence of pain and illness, as well as giving your body the various tools it needs to heal itself properly.

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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. The body responds to the procedure reliably and consistently.

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Acoustic Cardiograph

The ACG was developed in 1937 by Dr Royal Lee, founder of the Standard Process Nutritional Products. The ACG records the sounds of the heart as the blood moves through various chambers, valves, and vessels.

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( B.E.S.T. )

When accidents and negative experiences occur in our lives, the dominant feeling of that incident can get stored subconsciously along with its defensive physiology. Since these “physiological” patterns.

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