Restoring Health and Happiness-Chiropractor Encinitas

Restoring Health and Happiness

to individuals and families

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Prenatal, Newborn, and Pediatrics Care-Chiropractor Encinitas

Prenatal, Newborn, & Pediatrics Care

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Restoring Health and Happiness-Chiropractor Encinitas

Restoring Health and Happiness

to individuals and families

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Chiropractor EncinitasChiropractor EncinitasChiropractor Encinitas

David Yoder Wellness Center – Wellness Services a Healthier You

The David Yoder Wellness Center is dedicated to helping individuals live healthier lives by providing a range of healthy services. From yoga and massage to nutrition counseling and personal training, we offer a wide range of services to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

The David Yoder Wellness Center offers yoga classes for all levels, designed to suit your individual needs and help you find balance and relaxation. Massage therapy sessions are available to relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve overall well-being. The center also provides nutrition counseling services to help you understand the importance of nutrition in your life and how to make healthy food choices.

The David Yoder Wellness Center also offers personal training services, helping you to reach your fitness goals with customized exercises and personalized encouragement. The center also provides group classes for those interested in learning more about health and wellness and staying active. All of the services provided at the center are designed to help individuals live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive wellness center to help you reach your health and fitness goals, the David Yoder Wellness Center is the perfect place for you. With a wide range of services and a team of experts dedicated to helping you reach your goals, you’ll be sure to find the support you need to achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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Enjoy your journey to feeling better with Brainwave Entrainment and Cranio-Electro Stimulation.

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What We Offer

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Featured Treatments

  • Chiropractic Adjustments-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Chiropractic Adjustments

    Relieves pain and improve your body’s physical function.

  • Nutrition Response Testing-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Nutrition Response Testing

    Non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.

  • BEST-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

    Relieve your body’s destructive symptoms of grievance caused by accidents and negative experiences.

  • Home Run Formula-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Home Run Formula

    A treatment focusing on different aspects of your health such as toxins, biochemistry, emotions, and stress.

  • Suberbrain Yoga-Chiropractor Encinitas

    SuperBrain Yoga

    Learn more about SuperBrain Yoga at David Yoder Wellness Center.

  • Super Delta Frequency-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Super Delta Frequency

    This treatment is offered for stress, focus, and sleep.

  • Shockwave Therapy-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Shockwave Therapy

    Shockwave therapy accelerates healing, relieves pain, and may help you avoid surgery and anaesthesia.

  • Vagus Nerve-Chiropractor Encinitas

    Vagus Nerve

    Vagus nerve stimulation is a non-invasive process which has no side effects and at most, feels like your ears are vibrating.

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

    Using a device that stimulates pulsed magnetic field waves directly on the gut, head, and neck will target the Vagus Nerve.

  • Prefrontal Cortex

    Prefrontal Cortex

    Find out how to achieve prefrontal cortex flow state. Benefits include enhanced awareness and better sleep.

  • Sleep Balance

    Sleep Balance

    Learn more about sleep balance at David Yoder Wellness Center.