Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) It is perform by applying pressure to specific points on the head and body as patients recall stressful memories. Then, as mental issues are resolved, the brain stops sending unhealthy signals to the body.

It is  develop by American Chiropractor Dr. Morter. Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique uses simple, safe, precise muscle testing procedures. It is get to the actual causes of health problems and not just deal with the symptoms of a problem.

Becoming memory patterns that shape our health

When accidents and negative experiences occur in our lives, the dominant feeling of that incident can get store subconsciously. Since these “physiological” patterns are memory-retain, your body will manifest some of the destructive symptoms of that grievance. Every time you think about it or have that dominant feeling again. Over time, these aberrant physiological patterns can become very detrimental to our health.

If these patterns cause an emotional override (a “fight or flight” response from emotional overload), they can disrupt the flow of information through the energy and nervous system pathways. This interference negatively impacts the functioning of the physical body on every level; the nervous system can lose glandular/hormonal control, the immune system can be inhibit, the body can go into defense where healing slows or stops completely; other systems of the body can be compromise, and spinal asymmetry, as well as other physical problems you’ll feel in your body may result.

Since we live our lives through our nervous system and the memories we have store subconsciously. I is actually these MEMORY PATTERNS (memory engrams) that shape our health. Positive THOUGHTS and responses to life’s situations protect our health; negative thoughts and responses hinder it. Because the patterns they birth, and the EMOTIONS they create, can disrupt accurate communication through the nerve and energy pathways of your body. So, when we address and clear the cause of these aberrant physiological patterns that are store in your nervous system (and it reflect into your energy field), it frees the healing potential of your body so you can begin to think, feel, and function the way you should.

Why do we need contact points?

Your Internal Intelligence gives us the location of the contact points by using muscle testing and comprehensive flowchart. Holding the contact points will re-synchronize your body with the pulsation of the creative energy that made you. The practitioner must hold the contacts until he feels the pulses beat with the same frequency, intensity and duration.

What does the eye position represent?

The eye position represents where the Feeling is stored in the brain.

Why must I think of a number?

The number denotes the time-line in which the interference is place into the patient’s field. A NEGATIVE number means that the patient has inherited the interference energetically from generations past and is now manifesting it in his physical body. A POSITIVE number means that the patient has present-time interference in his energy field which is affecting his physical body. The NUMBER indicates the intensity at which the interference is occurring.

Why do I have to raise my head during treatment?

Having the patient raise his head to 45 degrees during a treatment engages the RIGHTING REFLEX (cranial nerve 8). This activates the Vestibular Apparatus and integrates the balanced physiology into the patient’s subconscious memory when the patient returns to weight bearing. In simple terms, raising the head to 45 degrees causes the brain to store the changes we just made during the mind-body treatment.

What is the relevance of the feelings from the chart?

When you focus on the right feeling during treatment, it will create a resonance, and the rest of the body will line up with that same vibration. What we’re trying to do with the feelings chart, and in the whole treatment, is to bring your conscious mind into the picture and that’s what’s going to make a difference in the long-term holding power of your treatments. Once you’ve learned what you were doing that caused you to get out of resonance, you can stop doing that and replace the old habits with new habits based on positive, higher vibrational frequencies. What we’re trying to do is raise the vibrational frequencies to a level where healing takes place for you.

What is Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique Exercise?

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique exercises create just this purpose. A system of physical and psychological therapy that is held to increase well-being by releasing blocked physical and psychic energy.”